The number 3 is recurrent in Greek mythology, if only because of the representation of the world: celestial by Zeus, marine by Poseidon or underground by Hades.
This number 3, which also evokes the past, the present, the future, or even the father, the mother and the child is admitted in geometry to be the perfect number.

This balance is the one sought by the three musicians of Amphitryo and in particular through the album Cheval de Troie, first album of the group, in which the number three is omnipresent, if only by the homophony with Troy or the presence of the 12 titles (3×4) which compose it.

This eponymous title is particularly representative of the work carried out within this formation where each of the musicians is brought to change role regularly to be in turn, bass player, melodist and soloist.

Throughout the pieces, inspired for the most part by great Mediterranean myths, the listener can be lulled by minimalist, festive or melancholic atmospheres on a refreshing music at the borders of jazz or different traditional music, all between writing and improvisation.

The original and atypical orchestration of this trio allows numerous combinations, sound couplings with varied colors but also singular oppositions, all in a search for acoustic balance.

Cheval de Troie opens the doors to an audacious and atypical musical epic based on the great myths.


Line Up

  • Pierre Baldy-Moulinier : Trombone, Trumpet, Flute
  • Sylvain Félix : Saxophones, Clarinets
  • Nicolas Frache : Guitar, Bass


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